Are you tired of all those the same low-quality so-called PBN posting services which rarely bring you any good results?

OWN, TRULY PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK – This is almost the only way how top SEOs rank websites nowadays, even in the most difficult niches.

If you are serious about SEO and looking for long term results, you must realize that you should own REALLY PRIVATE blog network where you could control the quality of content, number of outbound links, add, edit or remove backlinks anytime. We will help you with that.

Let us build you a personal high quality PBN.

What we will do

  1. Find only quality expired domains with good metrics and 100% clean backlink profile.
  2. Set up websites at different reliable tested hosting companies. The sites will look like real working websites and will pass a manual review easily.
  3. Add niche relevant content (1 quality 100% unique handwritten articles, 500+ words in total with rich media embedded).
  4. Manage the sites on monthly basis or transfer them to your accounts.

Each Website Will Have:

  • Trusted authority domain with natural backlink profile
  • Only .com, .net or .org extension (or country-specific upon request)
  • Private Whois
  • Will be hosted with different hosting providers
  • Unique website design (different theme, logo)
  • 500+ words of 100% unique handwritten niche content with images and/or videos
  • About, Contact and Privacy Policy pages
  • Different plugins for optimal functionality
  • Social sharing buttons
  • All major bots except Google, Yahoo and Bing may be blocked

You can even use such website as your moneysite, as it is easier to rank high authority aged domain. Such domain will rank for low competition keywords even without additional backlinks easily.

Order Now

$59 per website
DA 10+
PA 10+
TF 10+
CF 10+
Minimum 10 reffering domains


Additional Services

For a small fee we can manage your websites on monthly basis (host websites on our accoounts and add unique content regularly)

Hosting of 1 website — 3$/month

One 500+ word handwritten niche article per month — 7$


Some samples of domains:

Domain 1: DA12, PA26, TF16, CF19, 56 backlinks from 22 ref. domains

Domain 2: DA16, PA29, TF13, CF22, 91 backlinks from 26 ref. domains

Domain 3: DA16, PA30, TF16, CF25, 293 backlinks from 18 ref. domains

Do It Yourself Option – Cost

Of course, you can build PBN yourself, but you should exactly know what you’re doing to find good non-spammed domains and build quality websites without footprints. Still, the costs will be high enough.

Here we’ve tried to sum up the costs you’ll spend per one website.


  • Cost of one domain on the auction: 50$-$80
  • Domain registration with private WHOIS: $10-$15
  • Hosting: $15 per month, or $20-$60 per year
  • Content $4-7/article x 3 articles = $12-20
  • Site set up: your time and experiece or $25-50$ setup cost
  • TOTAL = $100-225$ PER ONE WEBSITE!

With our experience in building high quality PBN websites (finding good expired domains, finding stable affordable hosting providers, building niche websites with quality content and no footprints) we are able to build quality PBN for much less than most people can do it themselves.


What is the process?

Once we receive your order we will:

  • Discuss with you details of your future PBN (making it niche related or general, what niche to choose, how websites should look like, what type of content to use, who should manage PBN, etc.) and give you some suggestions.
  • Scan expiring domains, filter out bad ones that don’t have true PR or have been spammed/penalized by previous owner.
  • Bid only on quality domains that meet our metrics, then register them with private WHOIS.
  • Setup web hosts (we cover the first month of hosting fee for you).
  • Build & customize websites, add logos, about, contact and privacy pages, plugins and social sharing buttons.
  • Create and add 100% unique handwritten niche articles and media.
  • Deliver websites to you once everything is completed.
  • All you need to do then is to change login details so that you are the only one who have access/control.
  • We can also manage your PBN for small additional fee (you can choose this option while ordering). We can do everything to maintain your PBN by ourselves like paying for hosts, posting new articles regularly (it is highly recommended to post niche related articles without backlinks, too), etc.

Do I have a full ownership of the network?

Yes of course, we will provide you 100% privately owned blog network that you can use for whatever you want. You can even use them as your money sites or open your own PBN service if you like.

What report will I receive?

We will send you the following data:

  • Domain list with metrics (PR, Moz & Majestic SEO data, link profile data)
  • cPanel details
  • WP login details

Will I own the domains?

Yes, we will transfer the domains to you.

Can I host the sites with my own hosting providers?

Yes, you can. We can transfer websites to your hosts anytime.

What content will you use?

Only quality handwritten 100% unique copyscape passed relevant articles of 300-800 words each (1500+ words in total) with relevant images and/or videos.

Can I see some samples?

Yes, just contact us and ask.

Can I monetize my site?

Yes, you can monetize your sites however you want. Moreover, it is easier to rank these websites in Google. You can place AdSense, Amazon or any CPA offer. However, we do not recommend leaving a footprint if you will use them for SEO purposes.

What is delivery time?

3-10 business days depending on the amount of websites ordered and availability of quality domains.

Do you accept all niches?

Yes, we can build private blog network in any niche you want.

Refund Policy:

If we fail to deliver the work as specified, you are entitled to a full refund.

There is also INDEXATION GUARANTEE! (If any website won’t be indexed within 1 month we will get you another domain!)


We are always happy to answer all your questions according your PBN to gain best results. Contact us by email form at our website.